Turning the clock back to 1944 – A big year ahead – come & join us

The museum is currently undergoing a major external refurbishment  which will be completed sometime in January/February 2019.

However there will be a lot of work to do inside the museum to make the interior of the refurbished buildings look as good as the inside of the museum. Plus the floor space of the museum will be quadrupled.

We want to make visitors feel that they are stepping back in time to 1944. Some of the rooms we hope to return exactly as they were, others will be filled with exhibits.

However since the war doors have been removed, passageways have been widened, the wrong types paint have been used, brick work has been chipped and the floors have been changed.

We anticipate a huge number of man hours in volunteer time will be required before we can properly open the original buildings to the public.

We will be re-starting our volunteer Sundays from mid-January 2019 so if you can spare a few hours come and join us.

We also anticipate that we will need to raise significant funds to undertake this work. We hope shortly to start a fundraising campaign to fund this work. Watch this space for more information on this soon.

If you are interested in volunteering or would like to donate towards the interior restoration then please get in touch.

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